Casedist Inc. trusted name in the security industry

Casedist Inc. is a trusted name in the security industry, dedicated to safeguarding lives and assets through cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to security excellence. With a rich history, a team of experts, and a portfolio of innovative security solutions, we have become a preferred partner for clients across various industries. 

X-ray Screening Machine

X-ray machines are designed to deliver precise and efficient security screening solutions. From baggage and cargo screening to personnel and vehicle inspection, we ensure your security needs are met with cutting-edge technologyc. 

Explosive Trace Detectors​

Explosive trace detectors are at the forefront of threat detection technology. They offer unparalleled sensitivity and reliability in identifying explosive materials, enhancing security in high-risk environments. 

Security Equipment Deployment​

We have a proven track record of deploying security equipment in major hotels, government facilities, transportation hubs, and critical infrastructure across the Philippines. Our experienced team ensures seamless installation and optimal performance. 

We have 17+ Years Solid Experience in Security Systems & IT products!

Casedist Inc.

Premiere security equipment provider in the country

Casedist Inc., is trusted partner of the Philippine Government in patrolling borders, aviation, air/seaports & law enforcements.
Exclusive partner of Rapiscan Systems in the Philippines.
Our company has been in the Baggage X-Ray business for more than 10 years and we have an installed base of over a 300 units of Baggage X-ray machines of different sizes and models nationwide.
Casedist has a 24/7 System-Based After Sales Support Center Facilities/Action Command Center in the Philippines.
No. 1 in private Aviation Industry
No. 1 Tourism and Accommodation Industry
Official partner of Philippine National Police (PNP) and Hotel Association during APEC 2015, IEC 2016, ASEAN50 2017 and SEA Games 2019


Our company provides enterprise-class, mission critical systems that ensures 24x7 support Command Center in the Philippines.​ ​


24/7 Support

24/7 phone support and on-call service with helpdesk ticketing system


Onsite response

Fast on-site response



Provision of spare parts during warranty period.



Comprehensive quarterly preventive maintenance during warranty period.

Our trusted partners

We collaborate with industry-leading organizations and security experts to stay at the forefront of security innovation. These partnerships enable us to provide our clients with the latest advancements in security technology.